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Diaper Need Burdens Low-Income Families In Texas

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A baby needs an average of 6-12 diapers daily and one in three mothers in the U.S. do not have an adequate supply. What's causing this gap? How does a lack of access to diapers affect health outcomes?

Diaper need is the most burdensome for low-income families. The monthly cost of diapers is $125 per child and no federal programs provide assistance for diaper need.

While diapers are a neccessity for infant care, this gap is not just an issue for mothers and babies. Health outcomes for seniors with incontinence issues and individuals with disabilities increase with a sufficient supply of diaper products.  

Why are diapers -- a necessary healthcare item -- not subsidized by federal programs like Medicaid, SNAP or WIC? Why are incontinence products not covered by traditional health insurance plans?

How do regular diaper changes affect health outcomes for infants and toddlers? How can assured access to incontinence products impact the physical, mental and economic well-being for seniors and individuals living with certain disabilities?

Diapers are an essential healthcare item for many families. What can be done to lessen the burden? Where is the greatest need? How can individuals and families get involved in local efforts to shrink the diaper gap?

How does diaper need increase in emergency situations like natural disasters?


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*This interview was recorded on Tuesday, September 24.


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