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June concert series is dedicated to hearing 'unheard' new music

Daniel Anastasio performs live on KPAC 88.3 FM.
Nathan Cone
Daniel Anastasio performs live on KPAC 88.3 FM.

In its day, "Mozart was new music," points out pianist Daniel Anastasio, member of both the San Antonio-based Agarita Chamber Ensemble and the Bronx-based new music ensemble, Unheard Of.

The Unheard Of ensemble will be holding a series of free concerts and workshops at beautiful artistic spaces in San Antonio this June, including Ruby City, Mission San Jose, and the Evergreen Garden Center. The full schedule of free events is online at this link.

Anastasio says the way composers work has changed, and interacting with the musicians who perform their music is an important part of the process that sometimes gets lost in the digital realm.

"Nowadays, composers generally can compose from the computer, which is great. It's very convenient, but it's also really dangerous because they don't necessarily play an instrument. They're not performers, so they need more and more experience with other performers to guide them. So this is partly what the Collaborative Composition Initiative is about is performers interacting with composers, so that we can all learn from each other and develop music."

Use the audio player at the top of this page to hear Daniel Anastasio play music by George Gershwin and Reiko Füting.

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Barry Brake is a composer, jazz and classical pianist who has been a part of San Antonio's music scene for decades. You can find his musings and musical exploits online here: http://barrybrake.com/