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Think Science: Nanotechnology

Sep 10, 2018

Semiconductor nanoparticle (quantum dot) of lead sulfide with complete passivation by oleic acid, oleyl amine and hydroxyl ligands (size ~5nm).
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Those nacho-flavored chips youre eating? They probably taste that way because of micro-flavor particles covering the surface. Engines that burn cleaner fuel? Thank nanotechnology. Sports equipment that lasts longer, flies faster... lighter weight material for aerospace and engineering, even biological machines within the human body... Even a decade ago there were over 800 publicly available products that could be classified as using nanotechnology, which is defined as science, engineering, and technology conducted at the nanoscale, which is about 1 to 100 nanometers.


Join us at our next Think Science event on Friday, November  16, at noon as we talk to local scientists and researchers about their work in the field of nanotechnology. Learn what's available today, what's around the bend, and how we're using nanotechnology in our everyday lives, whether we know it or not! The event will be held at the Pearl Studio. 




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 Think Science: NanotechnologyLocation: Pearl Studio

200 East Grayson Stree, in the Full Goods Building

San Antonio, TX 78215 

Box lunches (catered by Spice of Life) will be available for purchase.


Free parking is available at the Koehler Garage, adjacent to the Full Goods building. Address:  2105 Emma Koehler, San Antonio, TX 78215.

This Think Science event is made possible in part by Port San Antonio and UTSA College of Engineering.