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Summer Night City

Nothing hotter than a Summer Night City! In this weekly live-music series, we provide an upbeat touchpoint and a high-spirited concert experience, straight from downtown San Antonio at Legacy Park! 2021 Episodes were taped live at The Malú & Carlos Alvarez Theater.

  • Fresh, smooth blend of blues, Latin, soul, and rock. It’s an ambitious mix of the music that moves him and in his skillful hands, becomes a truly energizing and enjoyable experience. The result is stylistically different from his peers – it’s alluring, soulful, fun and mature. As he says, “it’s everything I love about music.”
  • Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, Any Color You Like is a spirited 5-piece, creating an effortless combination of soul, prog, fusion, hip hop, and psychedelic mystic-folk sounds. ACYL is comprised of members who are diverse in culture, style, energy, and personal music preferences, helping them cultivate many colors within their songs. They approach the songwriting process by performing music that speaks to them. Conforming to a single genre has never been an option.
  • Self described as “gunkpop”, Baldemar is a new brand of Indie rock with a touch of soul. From San Antonio, Texas.
  • James Orchid is a brand new indie-alternative band from San Antonio, Texas
  • Square dancing, honky-tonk, indie country band from San Antonio, Texas
  • Hailing from San Antonio, Daniel Miller and the Red Roses are a new Texas country band that will make you want to dance all night long.
  • The Lost Project are a San Antonio, TX based musical group that perform a unique Indie-Alternative-Ska blend that they’ve crafted since their inception in 2010. TLP has released three EPs, as well as their debut LP “Far From Where You Are”. They have also released music on Lost Records' Get Lost compilations; the label of which they also spearhead.
  • Good City Modern is a unique blend of high-energetic indie rock music from San Antonio, Texas.
  • Collective Dreams makes music to communicate ideas and experiences that words cannot. Each member of our band lives life deeply, fully digesting the human experience; what people hear when they listen to our music are the things that we hold most dear, that we consider the most important. Each of us has a place in the Dream. We all have things we value, goals we want to attain, ideals that we live by. It is all of us together, all of our experiences, all of our ideas, that make life what it is. Through connecting with people outside ourselves, we are able to gain perspective. Through understanding life multiple perspectives, we become more aware of who we are and what our place is in the Dream.
  • James "J.Pow!" Powell provides the feel-good bass lines that spans genres of music from gospel to rock and everything in between. Some might say the bass is the foundation, the heartbeat of a song. And without that heartbeat, the groove cannot continue to live. J.Pow! literally lives in the groove! Welcome to world of J.Pow
  • Brandon Padier and Black Gold is an americana/country singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist hailing from San Antonio, Texas. For Brandon, the song always comes first. Luckily, his deep knowledge and love of the great songwriters of the 20th century have helped him hone his craft and create a sound that is comfortably reminiscent, yet completely original. The band performed for our first in-person Summer Night City event series, live at Legacy Park in downtown San Antonio.
  • Dance floor ready, the cumbia-centric El Combo Oscuro brings you originals from Austin via veterans from El Tule, Hard Proof, Del Toros and low-end sounds honed in NOLA. Monterrey-inspired at moments, the melodies are driven by vintage keys, psychedelic guitar, and a thumping rhythm section. The combo performed for our first in-person Summer Night City event series, live at Legacy Park in downtown San Antonio.