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#nowplaying with Krystal Jones

Krystal Jones at the Amp Room. Jones heads up the City of San Antonio's Department of Arts & Culture.
TPR / Krystal Jones
Krystal Jones at the Amp Room. Jones heads up the City of San Antonio's Department of Arts & Culture.

Everywhere you go, music is there to greet you. Gyms, grocery stores, sporting events, restaurants, shops…the list goes on for places that provide a “soundtrack” to make even the most mundane errand enjoyable. (Yes, I am that H-E-B shopper singing along to Tears for Fears in the produce section).

What makes San Antonio extra special – and reason #4,739 why I love this city? No matter where you are, music is most likely being created or performed close by.

I encourage everyone to get out and discover how talented our neighbors are – and just how much they add to our great city’s soundtrack. Some, like Roberto Livar, Nando Muñoz, Garrett T. Capps, HoneyBunny, and Eddie Hernandez have shared their #nowplaying songs. Plus, it gives you a chance to support San Antonio businesses, nonprofits and venues while you’re at it!

Here’s an extremely small sample of San Antonio musicians that are #nowplaying on my San Anto Vibes playlist, and the San Antonio location that always seems to bring them to my mind.

Get this full playlist on Spotify here.

Fan the Spark - Teletextile

A Chakra Tuning Dinner at the Japanese Tea Garden. Believe me, it was just as lovely and relaxing as it sounds. This is where I first met Pamela Martinez, Reiki master, educator, multi-instrumentalist and composer. Creating music under the moniker Teletextile, Pamela is always in constant invention and intention mode – and I highly respect and dig it.

Gypsy Kiss - Jason Kane & The Jive

Catching a Jason Kane & The Jive show is like the 70’s time-traveled to the present to slap you in the face with some Rock ‘N Roll – backed up with blues and funk to soothe the sting. These guys can often be found at Jandro’s Garden Patio, either full band or in parts with Jason’s Tuesday Blues Residency.

Plastic Hearts - iLa Minori

I first met iLa Minori years ago at Sancho’s Open Mic Night and immediately connected with the creative energy and vibe that only songwriters who write about life’s “stuff” have. Her music gets you through it – and shows that there’s light on the other side. It makes me excited for her upcoming EP and the subsequent performances.

Bored on the Dance Floor - Wayne Holtz

Wayne Holtz is joy personified – and so are his performances. If I am having one of those days, I push play on Wayne and can feel the smile starting by minute one. A multi-disciplinary artist, Wayne’s a little bit of everywhere including Cherrity Bar and on Apple and Spotify Podcasts with “The Wayne Holtz Podcast.”

Para Siempre - Andria Rose

The perfect vibe for those Sundays when the weather is just right to open the windows, light candles, and journal the weekend reflections. Andria and so many other San Antonio artists kept me sane during pandemic lockdown with online performances like The Aztec Theatre’s “Couch Sessions” – and now she’s ready to help ring in a much better 2022 at San Antonio’s official New Year’s Eve Celebration, the San Antonio Parks Foundation’s “Celebrate SA.” (Shout-out to Libby Day on all of these things)

Distant Lover - San Venice (formerly St. Dukes)

This past August, Noah Slavin and Brick at Blue Star hosted Summer Vibes Live – featuring so many great San Antonio artists (and beyond). It wasn’t my first time catching San Venice, but with visual art projected on the wall behind them, it felt like I was seeing them in a whole new light (pun intended).

Dreaming - Bella Fellows

You never know what, or who, you’ll discover walking through Market Square. That was my case with Bella Fellows. She has been performing at the Market, as well as La Villita and The Majestic Theatre, since she was 13-years-old. Lately, when I venture toward Hopscotch, I can’t help but think of her and this new single that was filmed at the interactive art gallery.

June 2nd / Not Satisfied - D.R.O.

It’s always the best musical experience when the performer is so in the zone that it feels like they forgot you were there, which is what it felt like at a D.R.O. show at a spot that is now the home of Stranded Coffee. D.R.O. has plenty of other songs on Spotify, but this quickly became one of the songs I play the most as the title is my birthdate (just like a Gemini would).

Don’t Die - Satara

One of the many pleasures of this year’s Luminaria, held at Hemisfair, was discovering the magic of Satara. It was a perfect night in all ways – weather, art, friends, on-point sound and staging, and seeing new-to-me talent that is now on steady Spotify rotation. I can’t wait to learn and hear more!

Steve Jordan Medley – Juanito Castillo

Following this year’s CineFestival at Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, and the screening of “Juanito’s Lab” by San Antonio filmmakers Guillermina Zabala and Enrique Lopetegui, I had a chance to catch Juanito perform at Jaime’s Place. Just wow. There’s nothing like getting a full history of an artist and then seeing them perform live. It brings a whole new meaning to the performance – and the subsequent playlist listening experience.

Tears – Alyson Alonzo

Soulful, powerful, clever, beatmaker and looper Alyson Alonzo will take your breath away with her voice. I’ve seen Alyson a few times, most recently at a show at the Little Carver as part of their new Intimate Series featuring San Antonio artists. Plus, I recently commissioned Alyson to write a song about my dog, Shaquita – a plug that many musicians can create for you as well! Songs make the perfect gifts!

And the Number 3 – Lonely Horse

I want to say I first saw Lonely Horse at Hi-Tones, but I cannot be sure because every time they perform, place and time seem to slip away. Whether it’s Lonely Horse, N.L. & The Deep Cuts (which I recently saw at The Lighthouse Lounge), or Nick Long solo – prepare yourself for some special musical moments.