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Siclovia Draws Record Crowd, Looks To Southtown In March

Síclovía has once again shattered its attendance record despite a bout of rain early Sunday morning. 73,000 people came to play in the streets on Sunday, breaking the 65,000 person record set in April.

Since it’s inception in 2011, YMCA President Sandy Morander said San Antonio has improved it’s body-mass index level according to the Centers for Disease Control.

"It’s really about creating an environment where physical activity is the norm and not the exception," Morander said. "It’s a little harder in the city with the heat but we’re getting there and we’re showing people that there is something for everyone. Wherever you are, whatever your fitness level is there’s a place for you to get started, enjoy it, and to try out something new."

Credit David Martin Davies / TPR News

Peppered throughout the route were recreation stations known as Recolvías for physical activity. Hillary Halderman, who was out participating, said that with a more active populous, she’s happy people are also becoming more environmentally aware.

“People don’t understand how much cars impact the environment and how easy it is to just hop on your bike and go somewhere or walk," Halderman said. "Its crazy how many people don’t walk. It’s just cool get out and do things."

Síclovía has always been on Broadway -- stretching from around Lion’s Park to the Alamo -- but a different location is already being examined for the next one. Morander said it will move to Southtown in the Blue Star area.

Sícolvía number six will be on March 23. More information at siclovia.org.

Credit David Martin Davies / TPR News