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Health Care Advocates Promote Affordable Care Act On Siclovia Route

David Martin Davies
TPR News

With the Affordable Care Act online marketplace expected to go live tonight at midnight, health care advocates are doing all they can to raise the public’s awareness of the law, which included finding the throngs of people turning out at Síclovía this weekend.

An estimated 73,000 people joined in the city’s promenade down Broadway on Sunday. Síclovía promotes getting fit and healthy lifestyles and some organizations spread the word about the new health care law.

Andrew Mark, a local medical student and a member of ACT Together For Health, was passing out pamphlets about the ACA. Mark said almost everyone at Síclovía was receptive to the information.

"So now we’ve gotten down to the details," Mark said. "This pamphlet actually have the details where you can go what websites you can go to to get more information."

Texas Organizing Project had set up a table next to the street and were answering questions from the public about the ACA.

“We’re out here today at Síclovía -- talking to folks -- seeing what they are eligible for to sign up for enrollment on Oct. 1," said Lauren Rodriguez with Texas Organizing Project.

Rodriguez said many people say they are disappointed that Texas didn’t expand Medicaid, which would help the poorest of Texans, but they are looking forward to the roll out of the ACA.

David Martin Davies can be reached at dmdavies@tpr.org and on Twitter at @DavidMartinDavi