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Muertitosfest, Doug Sahm, Imago Theater: Your Weekend's Here

Another weekend barreling towards us, and we've been looking into things you really ought to consider doing. As usual, it looks full, fun and there's something for everyone. First let's go to Southtown for Say Si's Muertitosfest

"This year we are celebrating out 9th annual Muertitosfest at Say Si," says Say Si's Communications Manager Stephen Guzman. "It's a really comprehensive Day of the Dead celebration. Tonight we're going to have a great set of entertainment, inside and outdoor stages. GrupoFrackaso and AzulBarrientos. And we're also going to be showcasing all our student work as well."

There are two different styled events for Friday and Saturday.

"Tonight, our Muertitosfest First Friday runs from 6 to 10 p.m. And tomorrow our family day is from 12 to 4 p.m."

Then at the South Texas Popular Culture Museum, they're celebrating the late great Doug Sahm, who would've been 74 on Thursday.

"On Sunday November 8th we've asked several bands to come do their version of Doug's music," says Michael Ann Coker.

The Broadway-at-Mulberry Museum --Tex Pop as it's known -- has rotating exhibits, including their current, which is about Dia De Los Muertos.

"We have several altars that were made by local artists" Coker says.

The museum's contents are collections of music-related items from the past, and as Coker says, they're always on the hunt for stuff from yesteryear.

"If anyone has some memorabilia about local music we'd love to have donations."

Also on Sunday at the Aztec Theater downtown, something like you've never seen before.

"Imago Theater."

Imago Theater's Pratrik Montwani says they're a troupe of Portland-based actors, and they have a new show.

"The show is called Zoo Zoo."

Arts San Antonio has brought the unusual group to San Antonio. Unlike most acting performances, Imago's are completely without the spoken word.

"That's absolutely right. It's a piece of non-verbal theater masked performance."

Actors in animal costumes act out people-oriented scenes. Like penguins playing musical chairs. People in frog costumes hop in visual semi-syncopation. It's hard to describe what they do, but seeing it makes it all make sense [see video below].

"It's absolutely a show that's for all, all ages" Montwani says. "From 3 to a 103."

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