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Teens Allowed To Fly In Frankie and Elizabeth Get Their Wings

: Courtesy Say Sí staff

Say Si’s yearly Christmas theater production is coming up. Victoria Villasenor plays Elizabeth in Frankie and Elizabeth Get Their Wings.

“Our upcoming show, our Christmas show, Frankie and Elizabeth, is a play that we have adapted from It’s A Wonderful Life.”

In the play, Elizabeth’s mother died the previous year, and she’s had a hard time with that.

“And along the way, she meets this angel, her name is Frankie, and she needs to get her wings by helping somebody out, so she decides to help out Elizabeth.”

But unlike It’s a Wonderful Life, it’s not just drama.

“There’s going to be a lot of music, a lot of comedy, a lot of dancing.”

The production plays in Say Si’s theater on South Alamo.

“The show dates are Dec. 12, 13 and 14. The first two nights are going to be at seven o’clock, and on Sunday, it’s going to be at 3 p.m., and that’s our matinee show.”

What do you think about the theater program at Say Si?

“I think our whole program is about students finding their wings, meaning like, finding their confidence. Finding what they’re really passionate about.”

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