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San Antonio: Are You Ready To Play In The Streets?

It’s a citywide event that encourages everyone to hit the streets—but not all of them.  It’s called Síclovía, and it has a specific route.

“Síclovía is heading back to our traditional Broadway route, but we’re adding a little twist.”

The YMCA’s Monica Garza runs Síclovía.

“…we’re heading over to the east side to Dignowity and Lockwood Parks.”

Garza lays out the specific route, starting on Broadway:

“Lions Field at Mulberry all the way down to Alamo Plaza, and then head over east to those parks.”

If you’re new to San Antonio and don’t know what Síclovía is, the city shuts down specific streets and encourages people to come out and play in them. Garza goes into detail.

“You can run, you can walk, you can cycle. You can bring your pets with you. We encourage everyone to bring water bottles so you can re-fill them at the Culligan water stations," Garza said. "The event is this Sunday September 28th and starts with a 5K run/walk.”

That $35 8AM event gives participants a t-shirt, and then is followed at 10:00 by the massive free event.    

“Wear cool clothes, bring your water bottle. Bring your furry friends," said Garza. "It’s open for everyone all the way from toddlers to seniors, and we’ll have activities for each of those age groups along the route. A fun, a fun time for all to come out and play with us in the street.”

Of course, it’s not just playing in the street—Garza says there are specific events-within-the event planned.

“At stopping points along the route called Reclovias—recreational areas--we have different activities, such as group fitness classes hosted by the YMCA, food sampling, BMI testing, as well as a lot of fun giveaways along the route.”

Read more about Síclovía here: http://www.ymcasatx.org/siclovia