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Jackie Earle Haley, On 'Little Children' And His Career

Jackie Earle Haley began his career as a young man in films like "The Bad News Bears" and "Breaking Away," but in the 1980s, the roles started disappearing.  So he went into film and video production, and moved to San Antonio. He formed JEH Productions to produce commercials for notable San Antonio clients.  But now he's back on the big screen in "Little Children," starring alongside Kate Winslet, Patrick Wilson, and Jennifer Connelly.

In the film, Winslet and Wilson are young married professionals who have an affair with one another to escape the challenges and disappointments of their lives. Haley plays Ronnie, a sexual offender recently released from prison that becomes the target of the neighborhood's ire. "He is the only character in the film that really knows who he is," Haley says.

In the above audio, Haley talks about his role in the movie, his life in San Antonio, and the personal struggles that helped inform his art.