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TPR Wins Three Regional First Amendment Awards

Texas Public Radio's Technology and Entrepreneurship Reporter Paul Flahive and The Source talk show Host David Martin Davies brought home three First Amendment Awards Friday  from the Fort Worth chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

The regional awards recognize work that “defends the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution, furthers the people’s right to know how governments and businesses affect their lives, and champions the powerless and disadvantaged.”

The winning entries are:

Paul Flahive: 

Defending the Disadvantaged Award

Ease In Anti-Overdose Drug Access Leads To More Lives Saved

Last year, more than 2,946 doses of naloxone were given by San Antonio Emergency Medical Services; that means that as many as eight people a day overdosed on prescription pills or heroin on average. After a law change easing access to naloxone went into effect last September, the San Antonio-based Center for Healthcare Services wanted to get naloxone into the hands of community members.

David Martin Davies:

Environmental Reporting Award

West Texas Oil Development Threatens Desert Springs

The recent discovery of a massive oilfield in West Texas has many in the region on edge. Some are anticipating a flow of jobs to the area but others are concerned that the drilling will spoil the desert’s beloved springs.

Reporting on Open Government Award

Texas Matters: Pass The Politics, Pappy

Wilbert Lee O’Daniel was a two-term Governor of Texas and a U.S. Senator. But before, during and after that, he was a flour salesman on the radio with a hillbilly band. Using open records and historic archives the radio documentary tells the story of what happens when people elect an unqualified showman/businessman to high office.

Tricia Schwennesen is the Web Producer/News Editor for Texas Public Radio where she manages the station’s web site and social media accounts.