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Volunteer Profile: Meghan Pelley

Courtesy of Meghan Pelley

For San Antonio realtor Meghan Pelley, involvement with TPR is a family affair. Not only is she a valued volunteer and TPR business member, but her husband Damian Rodriguez is a business member and her mother and pets are all members, too.   

“We’re expecting our first child in early summer and he or she has probably already learned the voices of the on-air staff at TPR and NPR,” said Meghan.

Originally from Chicago, Meghan transplanted to Texas 13 years ago and immediately sought out volunteer opportunities as a way to get involved in her new community. After volunteering with various organizations and not feeling fulfilled, she took a different approach.

“I’ve always listened to public radio. I started to think harder about things I enjoyed and it was like a light bulb went off,” Meghan recalled. “I called the volunteer coordinator, and I’ve been a part of the team ever since.”

Since that epiphany in 2007, Meghan has volunteered at numerous events including pledge drive, Cinema Tuesdays, Views & Brews and a special event featuring NPR personality and author David Sedaris.

“I feel like I always get more from them than I could ever give to TPR. I love the people I work with, the events that I attend and the knowledge I get from TPR,” comments Meghan. “It’s wonderful to be around other like-minded people doing things I’m interested in. I also like meeting the staff and getting to know them personally through volunteering. “

Meghan is a realtor with Home Team of America, and she noted how the paths between being a TPR volunteer and business member have intersected. 

“I often hear from clients that they’ve heard my name on TPR, and I have also had the pleasure of calling some of my volunteer colleagues my clients. I ran into a past client at the [TPR] volunteer party and the first thing he said was he hears my name all the time on the radio – I love being a business member,” said Meghan.

Meghan recalls some added bonuses from her experience as a TPR volunteer.  One was meeting a stranger who shares her last name, now one of her closest friends. Another was receiving pointers from TPR’s Deirdre Saravia on planning a trip to Ireland.

“Deirdre gave me some very useful travel tips about her home country. We took all her advice and had a fantastic trip,” said Meghan. “The staff is always so helpful and I really do get so much from knowing them and being a part of the TPR family.” 

TPR could not agree more.  It is volunteers – and business members – like Meghan that make up the fabric of public radio.

If you would like to volunteer with TPR, click here to submit your information, or contact TPR's Event and Volunteer Coordinator Elisa Gonzales directly at 800-622-8977 or Elisa@tpr.org.