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A lawsuit against the Texas Secretary of State David Whitley was recently settled after his office released a list of 95,000 voters accused of being non-citizens. Latino voters who were on the list and several civil rights organizations filed the suit, including the Southwest Voter Registration Project.

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The Texas secretary of state issued an advisory to county voter registrars saying there was a problem with non-citizens registering to vote and casting ballots in Texas elections. Now, the Mexican American Legislative Caucus is demanding answers. We talk to the caucus' chair Rep. Eddie Rodriguez, D-Austin. Then, in the days of the Wild West, rowdy cowboys were locked up in what's called a "calaboose." These tiny one-room cells caught the eye of Willam E. Moore, who joins us to discuss (17:24).

Ryan Poppe

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story was updated for accuracy.

Updated Jan. 30.

The Texas secretary of state’s office issued guidance to counties Friday to investigate 95,000 potential non-citizens who registered to vote over the past 22 years.

Office of Congressman Blake Farenthold

Updated at 5:15 p.m. with the Texas Democratic Party dropping its lawsuit. Updates throughout.

The Texas Democratic Party dropped its lawsuit against the Republican Party of Texas and the Secretary of State's office after a U.S. district judge in Austin denied the party's request for a temporary restraining order to keep the state from submitting a final list of 2018 primary candidates, minus embattled Congressman Blake Farenthold. 




Ryan Poppe

The Republican Party of Texas dropped its lawsuit to remove embattled Congressman Blake Farenthold’s name from the 2018 primary ballot.

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The head of Texas’ Republican Party agrees with Donald Trump’s ongoing concerns about there being voter fraud during this November’s election.  Texas GOP Chairman Tom Mechler says voter fraud is a rampant problem we know is happening in Texas.

Mechler says he’s seen proof that voter fraud is a problem in the Lone Star State.

“The problem has been in the Democrat-controlled areas of the state, in the Valley there has been issues and they’ve had issues in the Primary Election where their own candidates are being cheated of their election results," Mechler says.