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The Source: Obesity In America, Limited Signs Of Hope

The State Of Obesity 2014

We are fat--capital "F" fat. But after years of public health campaigns stressing the importance of exercise, healthy eating and access to healthy foods there are some positives to report.

In fact the authors changed the name of the study after 10 years from "F" is For Fat to The State of Obesity: Better Policies for a Healthier America to highlight the limited signs of hope there is for the United States.

After decades of rising obesity rates among adults, the pace of increase is beginning to slow, but rates remain high. This report reveals that adult obesity rates increased in six states in the past year and remained high overall. -Executive Summary

While the slowing pace may be little to write home about, the stabilizing among children also bodes well.

Texas has the 15th highest adult obesity rate according to the study, up 5% from 10 years ago. We rank highly in diabetes and hypertension.

What does Texas need to do to improve?


  • Dr. Amelie Ramirez, contributor to The State of Obesity study, and associate director of cancer prevention and health disparities at University of Texas Health Science Center.

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