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Think Science: Bees

Aug 20, 2018

Many people have some understanding of why bees (and other pollinators) are important. So at our last Think Science event on August 17, we opened by asking, “Do you like to eat?” This leds to a discussion of the importance of bees in pollination and our food supply, why bees are in trouble, and what we as consumers can do to ensure the health of both the insect population, as well as humans.

Over 10 years ago we learned the term “Colony Collapse Disorder.” Bees were dying and we did not know why. We have a much better understanding of the causes at this juncture: varroa mites, hive beetles, viruses, insecticides and herbicides.

Our panelists 


Because of technical difficulties, full audio for this panel was not captured. However, Don Fraser did record a phone interview with moderator Nathan Cone that was used in the presentation. We present that audio below, along with slides for further information and education.

Beekeeping Advocacy from Nathan Cone