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San Antonio Symphony, ITC Team Up For Music At The Museum

Feb 19, 2019

The San Antonio Symphony is collaborating with the Institute of Texan Cultures to present “Music at the Museum” on Monday, February 25. The event benefits both organizations, and funds go toward education initiatives. At the Symphony, that means Young People’s Concerts, and at the Institute of Texan Cultures,  “the ultimate goal is to get students … excited about music and about culture,” according to ITC Senior Communications Specialist James Benavides.

At ITC, Benavides says, education funds go to “subsidize the cost of supplies to build, to provide them with USB drives for digital cameras, to provide them with expert speakers to teach them in photography, animation, computer programming, whatever it might be."

On Classical Connections, James Benavides was joined by San Antonio Symphony musicians Jeff Garza (horn), and Bassem Nashwati (violin) to talk about the event, and play a little music in our studio. Hear an excerpt in the audio link below.

Event details:

  • Music at the Museum
  • Institute of Texan Cultures
  • Monday, February 25
  • Reception at 5:30 p.m., followed by music at 7:00 featuring members of the San Antonio Symphony.