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The Collin Shook Quartet Pops Up At Jazz, TX

Aug 10, 2018

You might find Collin Shook at the bass, behind the drums, or even behind a desk at his home base in Austin, Texas, where he runs the pop-up performance space Monks Jazz. But for this set at Jazz, TX, Collin is at the piano, playing some original material, and classics from the likes of Horace Silver and Clifford Brown.

“I’ve kind of dabbled in a lot of different industries,” Shook explained from the stage. “My family had their own small businesses,” he continued, naming his uncle’s coffee roasting company and his brother’s juice business. Those influences inspired him to try his hand at running Monks Jazz, which has produced 40 shows so far.

Though he enjoys bringing creativity to the business world, Shook could never see himself running the books full-time. “I have to play with my homies… there’s something really sort of healthy, nutritious about playing so many shows with guys like these,” Shook said, waving to his bandmates, including saxophonist Russell Haight, Sam Pankey on bass, and Daniel Dufour on drums.

Visit Collin Shook online, and listen to his set Saturday night (August 11) at 7:00 on Texas Public Radio, or get a preview using the audio player below.