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Animal Care Services Has Zero Tolerance For Weather-Related Violations In San Antonio

Dec 2, 2019

San Antonio's stray pet population continues to be a public concern and the shelters are struggling to find space and supplies to accommodate an influx of animals due to cold weather.

Dozens of dogs have been euthanized within the past month because of a lack of shelter space and diseases spread by unvaccinated animals. Animal Care Services has a zero-tolerance policy for weather-related violations, so chilly temperatures have increased the number of animals brought in.

A recent report found there are approximately 35,000 roaming dogs in San Antonio, 87-96% of which have owners. The City offers spay and neuter services but many owners take a pass, so the count of stray dogs and cats on San Antonio streets keeps going up. 

What are the rules for roaming animals in San Antonio and what are the consequences for owners who let them run free? Should sterilization be mandatory in these situations?

At least 15 dog-related bodily injuries were reported last year, some of which officials say were 100% preventable. How can owners ensure their dogs aren't a danger to themselves or others?

What is it going to take to get pet owners to be more responsible? What are the barriers?

What questions do you have about fostering, adopting, vaccinating or sterilizing a pet in San Antonio? What local services and resources are available to owners?

To report suspected animal abuse or neglect dial 311.


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*This interview was recorded on Tuesday, December 3.