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State Lawmaker Back From Visit With President Trump

Office of Donna Campbell
State Sen. Donna Campbell meeting with President Donald Trump

State lawmakers, who were asked by President Donald Trump to share their insight about the state of healthcare in America are back home Texas today.  State Sen. Donna Campbell was among ten women working in the healthcare field that was asked to share her opinion about efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Outside the state capitol, Campbell works as an emergency room doctor and has seen how the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid directly impact Texas hospitals and their staff.  The New Braunfels Republican was one of two Texas doctors requested to meet with President Trump at the White House.

“He made the point to say that 38-percent of women are doctors and surgeons, so he wanted to hear from us," Campbell says.

According to Campbell, Trump told the group that Obamacare is making it much harder for all of the doctors, nurses, and health care professionals, men and women alike, to do their job.

“Currently we have a huge wedge of government between the doctor and the patient," Campbell says.

But Campbell says most of her conversation with the President and his White House staff was about the state’s pursuit of a federal block grant to reform how the Medicaid system works in Texas.

“When we are talking about Texas healthcare dollars and how Medicaid affects us, there is no skin-in-the-game for the Medicaid patient.  It’s not the uninsured, it’s the Medicaid patient that unnecessarily use our emergency rooms," Campbell explains.

Campbell was joined at the White House by her senate colleague Dawn Buckingham, a Republican eye doctor from Lakeway, whose district stretches from Medina and Kerrville through Abilene.