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McManus Tells Police Union They Are On 'Wrong Path'

Credit Jack Morgan / Texas Public Radio
Texas Public Radio
Police Chief William McManus

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus responded Thursday evening to a police association vote of no confidence and a call for his resignation.  

The union vote came after the chief announced new policies for how officers will deal with suspects and deadly force.

McManus was surrounded by about 100 supporters from the city, business community and the police command as he said the union is leading officers down the wrong path.

"The SAPOA leadership has led the department down the wrong path with misinformation and rumors, false information about what the changes are and what the changes will be, what's going to happen," he said. "It has all been misinformation that has let to this vote. So, I consider the vote illegitimate. That's where I stand on it."


Credit Jack Morgan / Texas Public Radio
Texas Public Radio
Sheryl Sculley responds to the San Antonio Police Officers Association vote of no confidence in Police Chief William McManus. She said she stands behind the chief and his leadership of the department.

City  Manager Sheryl Sculley and City Council members are among those who spoke Thursday evening saying they stand with the chief. 

Here are some of the responses on Twitter:   

A majority of San Antonio’s police officers voted that they have no confidence in McManus’s leadership.

And on a separate proposition, officers also voted not to return to the contract negotiating table while a lawsuit remains pending against them.

Mayor Ivy Taylor responded via video to “SAPD issues,” including the officer-involved fatal shooting of Antronie Scott and the stalled contract negotiations with police. The video was recorded on Wednesday and was sent to the media and made available to the community on YouTube.  

“I can't tell everyone what they want to hear,” Taylor said. “But I can tell you this – my goal is to restore and ensure that our San Antonio community trusts the officers who work to keep them safe and to ensure that our SAPD have the tools and training to do their jobs effectively. We are one San Antonio and our fates are tied together. So let’s get to work on the solutions.”

The San Antonio Police Officer’s Association conducted the membership-wide vote with 90 percent of more than 2,000 members casting votes on both propositions.

“This is a clear mandate the Chief must go and we will not return to the table until the lawsuit is dropped,” association President Michael Helle said in a written statement. “The rank and file have said in one loud voice, they do not trust the Chief, they won’t follow him, and they have no confidence in his leadership.