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Fire & Police Unions Tout Court Victory; Ask City To Drop Appeal

Joey Palacios
Texas Public Radio
San Antonio Police Association President Mike Helle (left) and San Antonio Professional Fire Fighter's Association President Chris Steel address supporters and the public.

San Antonio’s police and fire fighter’s unions are claiming victory in the 10-year evergreen clause lawsuit after a judge ruled in their favor in a motion for summary judgment. Both unions took to the steps of City Hall asking the city to drop the appeal


Surrounded by both members of both unions, San Antonio Police Association President Mike Helle said if Mayor Ivy Taylor makes a public statement dropping the lawsuit against the evergreen clause both unions will be back to the table in 30 days.


“I’m hoping they don’t follow Einstein’s theory of insanity continuing to do the same thing over, over, and over again and expect a different result. They’re not going to get it, they’re going to continue to lose and waste tax payer money,” he told the crowd.


The evergreen clause holds the current police and fire contract provisions like healthcarein place until 2024 Both contracts expired last year.Deputy City Manager Erik Walsh said the city has no plans to drop the appeal until after a new contract is signed. He added the lawsuit laid dormant for a year before the city followed through with it when the police union left the table in September.

“We certainly feel that if we can get back to the table, get back to a point where we’re close to a tentative agreement, then there will be no reason to challenge, discuss or debate the issue of the constitutionality because together we can resolve that in the next agreement,” Walsh said.


The city has until mid-January to file an appeal.

Joey Palacios can be reached atJoey@TPR.org and on Twitter at @Joeycules