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Sanders-Clinton Camps Plan To Unite At State Convention in San Antonio

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Representatives for Democratic rivals Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have announced they plan to unite behind each other’s strengths.  Each campaign is asking their supporters to put aside their differences during the state Democratic convention.

The Texas Democratic Convention is being touted as the most attended state political convention in the nation.  More than 10,000 democratic supporters of either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders are set to attend the conference in downtown San Antonio this week.

Jacob Limon is the state commissioner for the Sanders campaign and he is urging Democrats to be accepting of Bernie supporters and unite as one party.

“The revolution that Senator Sanders started is larger than any one person and we must work with all Texas democrats to ensure that we build the pillars of that revolution together beginning this week," Limon says.

But Limon is also calling on Sanders supporters to collect as many Texas delegates as possible during this week’s convention.

Clinton’s Texas campaign commissioner Gary Mauro agrees and encourages the tenacity of Sanders supporters in the Lone Star State, to a point.

“I urge the Bernie supporters to keep their foot on the gas as we said in our email and do everything they can to make certain they get their percentage of the votes that are guaranteed under the rules but the reality after that is we need to discuss what we ought to start talking about, what we are going to present to Texas and the American people," Mauro explains.

Texas is not considered a battleground state, so both Mauro and Limon say it’s up to both campaigns to unite as one to sway as many Texas voters to vote for the Democratic presidential candidate in November. 

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