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One Of Trump's Leading Texas Critics Named As Possible Supreme Court Appointment


The likely presidential nominee for the Republican Party adds one of his chief Texas critics as his possible pick to replace the late Supreme Court-Justice Antonin Scalia.

If elected president, Donald Trump announced on Wednesday he would consider appointing Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett to the bench.   It’s a campaign strategy that Gov. Greg Abbott applauded following his latest book signing in Austin.  Abbott said it is essential that voters know who each presidential candidate would consider for a lifetime appointment to the high court.

“We need to know who these presidential contenders will be appointing to the United States Supreme Court, I know that Justice Willett would be the kind of justice we need, who would apply the constitution, not rewrite it," Abbott explained.

But Willett on his Twitter account has been one of Trump most outspoken critics from Texas.  During Abbott’s book signing, Willett would not immediately say whether he’d be interested in the position, but did says since the news made it online its been like Christmas Day for his Twitter account.

“I told others this all sort of exploded, I came in, sat down and messages on my Twitter page were like presents under the Christmas tree," Willett said.

Trump released a list of 11 candidates he would consider for the nomination, the social media savvy Willett’s name is at the top of the chart.