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GOP Effort To Repeal ‘Texas DREAM Act’ Takes Center Stage

Texas Public Radio

AUSTIN — State senators are debating a contentious plan to repeal a Texas law granting in-state public university tuition to the children of some people in the United States illegally.

Democrats and Hispanic groups champion the law, while Republicans in the GOP-controlled Legislature have pledged to end it quickly. On Monday, the two sides clashed during a Senate subcommittee on border security meeting.

Sen. Donna Campbell defended her bill repealing the so-called “Texas DREAM Act.”

Student supporters, many wearing graduation caps, countered that Texas shouldn’t wipe out good policy. The bipartisan tuition passed the Legislature nearly unanimously in 2001 and was signed by Republican Gov. Rick Perry. But the GOP now largely supports harder-line immigration stances.

Campbell’s measure should eventually clear committee. Its chances of passing the full Legislature are less clear. (AP)