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Education Commissioner Set To Revoke Six Charter School Licenses

Christopher C. Leonard
Texas Education Commissioner Michael Williams.

Six open-enrollment charter schools have been notified by the state that they are about to have their license revoked. A new law passed by the legislature gives the education commissioner greater authority, including revoking a failing charter school’s state license.

This week Texas Education Commissioner Michael Williams sent six open-enrollment charter schools notices of mandatory revocation. Under the new law calling for more charter schools, the commissioner was also given additional authority to revoke failing charter schools state license.

"Senate Bill 2 requires the commissioner to revoke a charter that has failed to meet academic or financial accountability standards for three school years," said the Texas Education Agency's Deatta Culbertson.

The six charter schools have the option of appealing that decision during a public hearing before June 30.

  • American Youthworks (Austin)
  • Azleway Charter School (Tyler)
  • Honors Academy (Farmers Branch)
  • Jamie’s House Charter School (Houston)
  • Koinonia Community Learning Academy (Houston)
  • Richard Milburn Academy (Suburban Houston Campus)

"Once the revocation process is complete and the revocation is upheld then they will cease to be Texas public schools, they will no longer receive state funding," Culbertson said.
She said the schools can remain open as a private school, but would no longer be accredited by the state.

The same bill that gives the education commissioner greater authority to revoke failing charter schools’ licenses is also the same legislation that increased the charter school cap, allowing the TEA to increase the current number of open-enrollment charter schools by nearly 100 schools to 305 total by the year 2019.

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