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Irma Mireles Breaks Barriers On A Budget

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In 1977 San Antonio, the idea of a Latino woman winning elected office was unheard of. The city, despite having a large Hispanic population, had very little Hispanic representation. Things were about to change for the city, and 1977 was the first time residents would be voting for council people from their own parts of town.

Irma Mireles was a 29 year-old organizer with Bexar County's La Raza Unida party. She made the decision that she wanted to run. When she saw a small add for the San Antonio River Authority she knew that she had found the job. With $100 campaign budget, she got to work.

Irma was a storyteller at Worth Repeating's November 3rd program. Special thanks to the Institute of Texan  Cultures for connecting us with Irma. She participated in their Oral History Collection.

 Worth Repeating is Texas Public Radio's live, storytelling event series that looks to bring the Sound of San Antonio out through the stories of your friends and neighbors.