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Alex Rubio Learns To Respect The Lechuza

Alex Rubio is a Chicano non-believer. Regardless of his respect for his mother, his aunts and his uncles, the Lechuza was nothing but a quick way to kill weekend plans. His mother, whose super power was a bottomless purse, was in such awe of the Lechuza that even the hearing of its plaintive cry was enough to keep her and the kids homebound until the coast was clear. 

Alex, who went from projects of San Antonio's westside to exhibit art internationally, thought the whole thing was hokum, that is until the night of his 18th birthday.

Alex was a storyteller on our November third edition of Worth Repeating. 

 Worth Repeating is Texas Public Radio's live, storytelling event series that looks to bring the Sound of San Antonio out through the stories of your friends and neighbors.