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John Jay Players Tell ABC News That The Coach Told Them To Hit The Ref

ABC News
Two John Jay Football Players That Blindsided Referee, Michael Moreno and Victor Rojas


Appearing on ABC’s "Good Morning America," the two Jay John High School football players that blindsided a referee during a game in Marble Falls are sticking to their story.  The players contend they were ordered to make the ref pay for alleged racial slurs during the game.


In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, John Jay High School Senior Michael Moreno and Sophomore Victor Rojas said they and another player were pulled aside during the game by assistant coach Mack Breed and told  “You need to hit the ref, he needs to pay the price.”


“There was just a lot going on and I guess his emotions got mixed into it and he told us to do what we did,” Moreno told Stephanopoulos.


To which Stephanopoulos responded, “Yeah but a lot of people would say, the coach told you to do that but you knew that it was wrong, right?”


Moreno fired back, “You know you put your trust into this grownup, this guardian, I just did what I was told.”


Breed remains on paid administrative leave following the students’ accusations.


Moreno and Rojas also contend that the referee they hit from behind had used multiple racial slurs during the game directed at their teammates.


“He told one of my Hispanic friends, he told them, ‘Speak English, this is America,” Rojas said.


Robert Watts denies making any racial slurs during the game and is considering taking legal action against the players’ families.


The state’s UIL Board will revisit the issue next Thursday to hear details of Northside ISD’s investigation of the players and coach.  They will also hear the details of the Texas Association of Sports Officials internal investigation of Watts, who along with both players, has also been invited to speak at the September 24th hearing.