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The Source: Legends Of 'El Chapo'


Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman escaped from a maximum security prison last week. It is the second such escape the leader of the infamous Sinaloa drug cartel has made.  

Brutal, ingenious, and let's not forget short–el Chapo meaning 'shorty' in Spanish–the drug mastermind has reigned terror down on his enemies, rewarded his friends, and made millions of dollars in the interim from illegal narcotics.

But what if none of it was true? That was the idea behind the recent Frontline documentary "Drug Lord: The Legend of Shorty." In it, two filmmakers–Guillermo Galdos and Angus Macqueen–decide rather than  believe the thousands of stories villifying or celebrating El Chapo, they would go to the source and interview him.

They document the experience of trying to find the evasive drug kingpin while he is on the lam in 2012. 


  • Guillermo Galdos