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San Antonio Metro Health Battles Mosquito Population

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Wikimedia Commons

All the rain that fell in May has helped the mosquito population explode in San Antonio. The City is doing what it can to help control the problem.

The San Antonio Metro Health District provides pest control services on public property for mosquitoes to protect people from diseases that these organisms can spread. Vector Control uses source reduction techniques and pesticides as necessary to control mosquitoes on public property by eliminating the breeding source, applying pesticides to stagnant water.

“We use a larvicide, which is a pellet that we actually put into the standing water and it actually dissolves and kills mosquitoes over time,” said Dr. Vincent Nathan, Assistant Director of Metro Health. “It’s far more effective to larvicide than to actually do fogging or spraying. But we do plan to spray certain neighborhoods that have excessive mosquitoes as soon as we can get to them.”

You can help control the mosquito population around your home by removing any standing water.