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San Antonio Runner Shares Boston Marathon Experience

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Boston Athletic Association

San Antonio runner Richard Teitz, who is a longtime TPR member, was among the participants in Monday's Boston Marathon. He’s been running for more than forty years and this would have been his 14th Boston marathon.

Teitz is returning home Tuesday and said he’s going to allow himself extra time at the airport as security has been heightened. Teitz said he was about one-third of a mile from the finish line before the explosions, but couldn’t see it just yet and didn’t hear anything.

"I was not that far away," Teitz said, "but there were so many people out there all you hear is the noise of the crowd and then all of a sudden I realize there was no place to run and police and volunteers and other runners were coming back towards me saying, 'The race is over, the race is over, there’s been an explosion.' And then someone said there's been two explosions."

Teitz said runners were confused, as officials were telling them to evacuate and no one knew where to go—no one could get cell phone service. He was more concerned about his daughter, who was rooting for him closer to the finish line. Thankfully she was fine, but he said his heart goes out to others who weren't as lucky.

"I’m obviously relieved that family and friends I know are alright but I’m deeply moved, as I'm sure everyone is by the extent of the tragedy," Tietz said.

While Teitz said he’s not sure yet if he will return to Boston to run, he says he’s going to continue running marathons.

You can hear his entire interview in the player above.