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2013 Bexar County Games Part Of Effort To Get Kids More Active

Bexar County is joining forces with the San Antonio Sports Commission to co-host the 2013 Bexar County Games.

The county’s newest sports facility is just one of several community-wide sports venues designed to help get more kids on the road to fitness.

The collaborative offers kids from all over town the chance to play at venues built with the extension of the visitor tax. County Judge Nelson Wolff kicked off the program at the new Mission Concepción Sports Park and Gymnasium, a facility he said levels the playing field with other Texas communities.

"Bexar County put $16 million in this complex. It’s the only building in San Antonio that can house six basketball games going on at the same time or 12 volleyball games. Very unique feature here. We also provided the money to build several of the ball fields there," Wolff said.

Wolff also said that after funding 13 regional amateur sports complexes, the county knew it could do more.

Local business executive April Ancira said her company knows that making sports competition affordable to more kids will build a stronger community.

"It was just a no-brainer. The dollar amount seems to go very far in this capacity because you’re really help a large amount of kids," Ancira said.

The sports park is designed around the natural landscape along the Mission Reach has new baseball and soccer fields near the gymnasium. Wolff said the county will join Ancira in funding the games, which will be managed by San Antonio Sports.