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Poetry In Motion: Tango, Then Literature

Josue Vazquez
Daniel Monserrat and Tango instruction by Manuel Lobo

An international evening of dance, music and literature is planned for Wednesday night. Sponsored by Alianza Latinoamericana, the evening starts off with dance--specifically, the Tango. Don't know how to Tango? Josue Vazquez says not a problem.

"We will have a tango lesson--Argentine Tango lesson. My friend Manuel Lobo will be teaching the lesson. We have a large selection of tangos. It will be basic tango for people who never done it. If somebody is there has done it before, we can accommodate them, too."

Josue says those intimidated by the dance shouldn't be.

"it's just like walking, with fancy steps."

The 6:30 tango lesson isn't the end of the night. From there they move on to literature, featuring select readings.

"We will read of course, immortals like Octavio Paz, Garcia Marquez, [Pablo] Neruda and so on. However, whoever is out there who's never been published, or published perhaps, is welcome to come over and read."

He encourages you to bring and to present some of your written works. Also appearing, a performer from Argentina.

"We will have a professional singer, Daniel Monserrat, from Argentina. He sings just about anything."

It's a brand new event, but they are setting their sights on more than just one night.

"The time will be 6:30 to 9:30 every Wednesday at Our Lady of the Lake University."

It will all be held at the University's International Folk Culture Center, but while it's a primarily Spanish event, he adds this.

"Everybody is welcome."

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