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Jump-Start's New Production 'Tales Of Lost Southtown' Debuts Sunday

Jump-Start Performance Co.

A new stage work by the Jump-Start Performance Co. called "Tales of Lost Southtown" documents one of San Antonio’s legendary neighborhoods. The production has a preview this Sunday, February 23, at 3 p.m.

“An insight into the quirky and funny, and sometimes disturbing, aspects of the strange characters that live in the Southtown neighborhood," said Erik Bosse, who created the work.

Bosse is the marketing director for Jump-Start, which has recently relocated from its long-time home at the Blue Star Arts Complex to its new, as yet unfinished, home on Fredericksburg. Because it’s not finished, the Sunday event will be held at Gemini Ink, at 513 South Presa.

"It’s structured very loosely" Bosse said of the show. "It sort of dips in and out of time. A lot of stories shift into a sort of nostalgic flashback. Some of them will be presented as short stories that I’ll be reading, and some of them in more of a theater fashion. We’ll have several of the Jump-Start performers there who will also be the ones who will be on stage."

I noted how this production sounded so indelibly San Antonio.

“It is, and there are characters peppered throughout this piece that many people in San Antonio might recognize" Bosse said. "It all has this distinct, very specific sort of Southtown feel to it."  

They will stage the full production at the Urban-15 facility in late March, and that will feature video, audio and a much larger cast. The downsized Sunday collaboration with Gemini Ink is a free event.

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