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Jump-Start Returns To Experimental Roots At New Beacon Hill Space

Jump-Start Performance Co.

Jump-Start Performance Company's lease in the Blue Star complex has run out and now they are moving to a new location in Beacon Hill at 710 Fredericksburg Road.

The new address is in the heart of the old uptown area, already known for other artists who create there.

"It’s also the studios for Stephan Gaeth, he has the Uptown Studios," said Erik Bosse, the marketing director for the Jump-Start Performance Co.

Jump-Start is known for its non-traditional take on creating theater.

"We’re seeing it as maybe a possibility of breaking the space in half and using the front bit for doing smaller performances once we get it up to code -- sort of return to some of our more experimental roots," Bosse said.

Jump-Start has always had a young edge to it, and outreach efforts to nourish deeper theatrical roots will continue with young people.

"We’re hoping to reach out to some of the schools in the community we’re moving into, as well as some of the other art and cultural organizations in the Beacon Hill neighborhood as well as the Deco District," Bosse said.

Bosse said the first production post-Blue Star will be at another art group's theater to allow time needed for remodeling the new space.

"It’s called 'Tales of Lost Southtown' and we’re partnering with Urban-15 and we’ll be staging the piece in their studio on South Presa in March," Bosse said.

Bosse also spoke about the thriving theater scene that is happening in San Antonio.

"It really is. It’s hard to explain," he said. "I don’t know what’s up with that. I think it’s a really exciting time." 

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