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Jump Start Ending Blue Star Run With Massive Party

Erik Bosse
Jump Start Party Antics

San Antonio’s Jump-Start Performance Co. is making a big move, and it all starts with an unusual party. After having operated out of the Blue Star Complex for 20 years, they’re in the process now of moving.

"Our stage has been taken up and I believe today a crew is dismantling our light grid," said Marketing Director Erik Bosse.

The party’s held as the last event in the Blue Star facility, which Bosse describes as a "big, massive event with music, poetry, theater, dance, video, all sorts and things to do."

The list of participants for the 7 p.m. Saturday party is huge. Here’s a partial snapshot:

"Urban 15, the dance group Alamotion, we’ve got some sort of circus performers, there’s a group called Aerial Horizon, Angels of Elegance, Jesse Borrego will be doing a dance number," Bosse said.

"You know," I said. "I’m old enough to where this almost sounds like a 'Be-In' to me."

"Yes, I think it is," Bosse replied. "And this year I think it’s going to be more so than in previous years. It’s going to be much more fluid with lights on some trees and microphones kind of scattered around on little platforms in performance areas so it’ll be much more of that sort of 'Be-In' feel. People can kind of wonder here and there and help themselves to drinks and nibbles and all kinds of performance opportunities."

This is the 29th annual party that Jump-Start has thrown, and this one has the added burden of reminding everyone who comes that Jump-Start is no longer inhabiting the Blue Star.  

"We’re going to try to make it clear to anyone who passes through the door that we do have a new location," Bosse said.

Jump-Start has a soft opening at 710 Fredericksburg in February, but the first production there isn’t slated until June.

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