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Camp KPAC: Day Four

Nathan Cone

On the fourth day of Camp KPAC, the six area high school students who are learning radio with James Baker and Nathan Cone this week spent much of the day editing.

Madison Rogers, of Boerne High School, writes:

We had a full schedule today at camp KPAC! Everyone worked studiously and diligently, milking every last minute in hopes of producing a successful project. Now that all the preliminary recordings of performances and interviews have been made, we are beginning the final stages of production. Using skills and techniques amassed throughout the course of the week, today was spent entirely on taking rough audio files, and snipping, editing, and polishing them, as well as potentially adding new commentary or additional information. Basically, today was spent making original stories out of conversations and music: no small task. It was a little overwhelming, but thankfully what I've learned throughout the week, from the audio-editing on day one to the interview sessions on day three, really helped me in my endeavors.    Personally, I had a lot of writing to do today, as my interviews ended up rather short, and I decided to cover the entire week, as opposed to just the musicians. I also spent some time in the recording studios, recording what I had written so far. I was able to do this completely by myself, and while the process is surprisingly simple, this was extremely exciting for me. The entire week, really, has been an absolute thrill. To be in the actual TPR studios, recording something I wrote, with no help or problems just makes me incredibly happy. I had to work hard today, and sometimes it was frustrating, but the people watching over us were always there to provide help or the kind of insightful advice that can only come with years of experience. My fellow camp members were also very helpful. I still have a lot to get done, and I anxiously wait tomorrow, fully intending to give it my all!

Thanks, Madison! We look forward to seeing the fruits of your creativity!

Nathan has been with TPR since 1995, when he began working on classical music station KPAC 88.3 FM, as host of “Tuesday Night at the Opera.” He soon learned the ropes on KSTX 89.1 FM, and volunteered to work practically any shift that came his way, on either station. He worked in nearly every capacity on the radio before moving into Community Engagement, Marketing, and Digital Media. His reporting and criticism has been honored by the Houston Press Club and Texas Associated Press.