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History On Record: Athens v. Sparta

Musicians find inspiration in the darndest places.  Take Charlie Roadman, of the Austin-based group F for Fake.  Ancient Greek conflicts are generally not high up on the list of things that songwriters write about, but Roadman, an admitted history buff, has been thinking about the Peloponnesian War for some time, ever since he first encountered Thucydides’ account of the war as an undergraduate at San Antonio’s Trinity University.  Now Roadman has a new musical project with his F for Fake band mates.  "Athens v. Sparta: The History of the Peloponnesian War" is an album that has surprising parallels to recent history.  Roadman, joined by band mates Kevin Higginbotham, Cliff Brown, Creston Funk, and Jamie Roadman, recently visited with us in our studios to play and talk about the music.

Athens v. Sparta: "The Archadamian War"
090417-avs-Scililian Disaster.mp3
Athens v. Sparta: "The Sicilian Disaster"

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