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TPR, The Unexpected Holiday Hero


As a longtime listener, I have come to rely on Texas Public Radio to keep me informed. Fact based journalism and engaging storytelling have had me continuously tuning in or streaming for nearly 15 years now. A few years ago though, I tuned in and was unexpectedly gifted what I can only describe as a warm hug from public radio that left my daughter and I with a lasting, core memory during a difficult time.

It was Hanukkah 2020, but for my daughter and I – and so many others - the friends gathered around the Menorah and platters of crispy potato latkes to share were…markedly missing. Part of me simply wanted to sprint through the holidays and into the New Year. For all of us, 2021 just couldn’t arrive soon enough...

But, the holidays were happening whether in typical fashion or not. While streaming TPR one evening at home, we both perked up when we heard from the speaker – “It’s Hanukkah Lights on NPR, I’m Susan Stamberg.”

The evening that followed included cookie decorating, latke frying, and Menorah lighting – while we listened together. Our Hanukkah was enhanced by the “Hanukkah Lights” program being streamed into our home and we both had Texas Public Radio to be grateful for that evening. One could say we were truly informed, inspired, and engaged.

This shared moment, between us and between all other listening – this shared moment was made possible by Texas Public Radio.

And…Texas Public Radio is made possible by YOU.

Whether you are streaming stories from ‘Hanukkah Lights’, tuning in to NPR’s ‘Morning Edition’, or our local program ‘The Source’, this content is free for you and free for everyone because we believe an informed, engaged, inspired public is an empowered one. Empowered to make life better. We can all sure try, right? You can make life better - by listening to, engaging with, and supporting TPR.

It can be easy to take this gift for granted without doing your part to help fund it. “Another listener will make a pledge…someone who listens even more often…someone who earns a higher income…someone who has the time to pull over and to call a volunteer who is “ready to take my pledge right now.”

Before making my first gift to TPR, I felt the same way. Something you should know though...you’ve likely heard it before but - we all have to hear things again sometimes for it to truly resonate - TPR is an independent non-profit who is here for you, because of you. And our fact-based journalism and powerful storytelling requires your support.

If you have not yet joined as a member of TPR, I’m inviting you to do so. And to our ardent, sustaining supporting members, I am asking...if now is a time when you can, please consider increasing your support by a few dollars a month. All of the reasons you elected to support TPR the first time, those reasons are still here, still relevant, along with hundreds of others.

Thank you for reading – thank you for listening, thank you for being a part of real, reliable, Texas Public Radio.

If now is a time when you can, please consider joining TPR or increasing your support today.