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Chris Herbert was in a hurry. The vocalist and musicologist was studying the Ephrata Codex — an 18th century music manuscript — in the Library of Congress, which meant he was on the clock. Herbert was working on digitizing the Codex. He flipped through the pages, taking pictures of each one, with no time to pause.

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Dozens of people assembled on Saturday to share stories of oppression and demand a better world for themselves and each other.

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One of the major challenges with on-the-job sexual harassment claims is that survivors are not aware of all of their rights.

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The Witte Museum

This fall marks 93 years since the Witte Museum first opened. San Antonio’s sprawling natural history museum has seen several iterations and huge growth, but largely lost in its evolution is the woman whose sheer determination created it.   

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Women in San Antonio still have a long way to go to achieve gender parity when it comes to the highest positions of corporate leadership in seven local industries, according to a new report.

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Three women took their seats on the San Antonio City Council this week. The moment was historic: It was only the second time in the city's history that women outnumbered men on the council.

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 A report commissioned by the City of San Antonio reveals that Bexar County is failing 51 percent of its population: women. 

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Over seven decades and three generations, women faced contempt, physical violence and even prison time for demanding equality. 

2020 will mark the centennial anniversary of women achieving the right to vote. What can we learn from the suffrage movement? Nearly 100 years later, what inequalities are women still working to overcome?

Ashley Nickloes is a busy woman. She's working toward her master's degree. She has four living children (she specified that a fifth died after a preterm birth). And when I caught her, she was in St. Louis, doing simulator training for her role as a pilot in the Air National Guard.

"You know, you can only be busy a hundred percent of the time," she laughed. "You get enough sleep when you're dead."

On top of all that, she also ran for Congress in Tennessee last year, but lost in the primary.

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Women are much less likely than men to be in leadership positions. The leadership gender gap is pervasive in fields including but not limited to politics, education, business and technology.