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City of San Antonio 2019 Elections Recap

Joey Palacios
TPR File Photo
San Antonio City Hall

Monday at noon on "The Source" – In a very close runoff race, incumbent Ron Nirenberg edged out challenger Greg Brockhouse on Saturday to secure a second term as Mayor of San Antonio.

Nirenberg secured 51 percent of the vote and Brockhouse finished with 49 percent.

Brockhouse, who currently represents District 6 on city council, has been a vocal critic of Nirenberg's policies and initiatives. He also was the lone Council representative to support and advocate for three controversial charter amendments put on the ballot by San Antonio's fire union in last November.

When elected for his first mayoral term, Nirenberg was also a council representative who pushed then incumbent Ivy Taylor to a runoff. He won then on promises of change. This time, he won by pledging continued momentum on his big issues: transportation, housing and climate policy.

Voters elected three new female council members, giving the council its first female majority in a decade. Jada Andrews-Sullivan will represent District 2, Adriana Rocha Garcia will represent District 4 and Melissa Cabello Havrda will represent District 6.Which races came out as expected and which results are surprising? What factors swayed the local vote? What can we learn from this election cycle?

What are Mayor Nirenberg's goals for the next two years? How does he plan to fulfill campaign promises? 

How will new City Council representation affect San Antonio's future?

View election results for hereand browse Texas Public Radio's latest coverage and analysis here.

Guest: Gilbert Garcia, Metro columnist for the San Antonio Express-News

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