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Greg Brockhouse Challenges Incumbent In Divisive Runoff Race For San Antonio Mayor

Courtesy Greg Brockhouse


Thursday at noon on "The Source" — District 6 City Council representative Greg Brockhouse is in a heated runoff for San Antonio Mayor against incumbent Ron Nirenberg. 

The two represent very different views and attitudes about most everything related to city government and community priorities, from plans to address climate change and transportation issues to property taxes and a proposed Chick-Fil-A at the San Antonio International Airport.  

A candidate must receive over 50 percent of the vote to avoid triggering a runoff. Results from the primary were closer than expected, with Nirenberg at 48.7 percent and Brockhouse at 45.6 percent.

Priorities in Brockhouse's recently released plan for his first 90 days as mayor include addressing "out-of-control property taxes" and transportation challenges, creating "pro-business climate policy," reducing crime and "restoring transparency and ethics to City Hall."

The police and fire unions are aggressively campaigning for Brockhouse, who worked as a consultant or freelanced for the unions in various capacities in years past. He publicly supported three charter amendments put on the November ballot by the fire union – two of which passed – that fundamentally altered the city’s governing power.

Brockhouse has said previously that his union relationships would not be a conflict of interest should he be elected mayor. Contentious negotiations between the city and fire union over its contract are still ongoing.

What are your top issues as a San Antonio resident? What qualities do you value in a leader?

What do you want to know about Brockhouse's vision for our city and its rapidly growing population?

Incumbent candidate Ron Nirenberg was on the show Wednesday, May 22.

Guest: Greg Brockhouse, mayoral runoff candidate and outgoing City Council representative for District 6

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