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The Source: EU Pushing To Make "Right To Be Forgotten" Worldwide

Robert Scoble http://bit.ly/1Q20DSP

Last May, the European Court of Justice ruledthat Google had to take down links to data about people, including public records, that it deemed irrelevant or out of date.

A year later, the company has gotten more than 200,000 requests for takedowns, and now a French privacy watchdog wants to take it a step further. Last week, it demanded Google take the links down not just from eu versions of the popular web search engine, google.uk google.fr for instance, but from Google.com, bringing the "right to be forgotten" to the world, or face fines.

The ruling worries many across the globe. Russia made a strong pitch for the "right" and many think the country wants to soften its image and rewrite the country's history with Crimea. 

Should the U.S. explore the "Right to be forgotten"? Should we allow foreign governments to dictate what we can see on the internet?


  • Sam Schechner, Tech reporter for the Wall Street Journal in Europe.
  • Justin Brookman, Director of Consumer Privacy at the Center for Democracy and Technology


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