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The Source: The Arab World's Generation Y

Amine GHRABI / http://bit.ly/1oebok9

They are more cosmopolitan, less religious, and more educated than their parents and grandparents. The millennials of the Arab world are going to change the way we think of the Middle East and North Africa, argues Juan Cole in his new book, "The New Arabs."

Cole, who has been writing about the interaction between the Muslim World and the West for years, points to the fact that the internet-savvy citizens of Libya,  Egypt and Tunisia used their skills to topple their repressive governments.

The current situation in Iraq and Syria, as well as the continuing problems of governance in some of the Arab Spring countries, begs the question of whether Cole is being too optimistic.


  • Juan Cole, professor of history at the University of Michigan noted commentator on Middle Eastern issues as well as author of "The New Arabs: How the Wired and Global Youth of the Middle East is Transforming It" (Simon and Schuster 2014).

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