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The Source: Multivitamins A 'Waste' In Reports| SAISD's Adult Education Programs

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Several recent studies have shown that the 32 percent of American adults that use a daily multivitamin are wasting their time and money.  

Three peer-reviewed studies published in yesterday's "Annals of Internal Medicine" show that multivitamins show "no clear benefit" to chronic illness, age-related cognitive decline, and, as Dr. Edgar Miller argues, really offer no benefit to anyone at all.  This comes a month after the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force stated no evidence existed to support the idea that multivitamins helped prevent cardiac issues or cancer.

It's a bit of a one-two blow to the multi-billion dollar global industry, which was already on the ropes because of several other studies showing that taking more vitamins than the daily maximum can be harmful.

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The San Antonio Independent School District has responded to community concerns over losing city-funded adult education programs by keeping two of the four centers in their district open.  We talk with Rebecca Atchley, Director of Adult and Community Engagement, on what this will mean for the community.

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After decades of sheltering the tax dodgers of America, Swiss banks are coming clean. But before you think this is out of some altruistic feeling and concern for heights of inequality, it is actually due to large government inquiries at mega-bank, UBS, that resulted in criminal prosecution.  Now several Swiss banks are getting immunity from prosecution by handing over U.S. tax cheaters.  Politico obtained some of the letters going out to bank customers recommending they go to the IRS before the IRS goes to them. We talk with Politico's Rachael Bade about how we got here.

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