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The Source: Tom DeLay Off The Hook | San Antonio Clean Energy Friendly | Ebony And Ivy


In the first segment:

Tom DeLay won't be seeing the inside of a jail cell after having his 2010 conviction overturned by the Texas 3rd Court of Appeals this morning. In a 2-1 vote the Republican judges on the three-judge panel voted the evidence in the trial wasn't strong enough and reversed the judgment to an acquittal.

The opinion had been in limbo since the appeal last saw litigation 11 months ago. Then, according to the Wall Street Journal, it was expected to take weeks or months to be delivered.  

The resulting reversal doesn't come as a complete surprise according to several legal scholars, including Sandra Guerra Thompson, who runs the University of Houston Law School's Criminal Justice Institute.  She predicted it would go against the partisan inclinations of the body to rule against Tom DeLay in the case and joins us to tell us why.

  • Read the Judgement issued Here
  • Read the Majority Opinion Here
  • Read the Dissenting Opinion Here

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San Antonio was highlighted as one of the leading cities in Texas to be clearing the way to a clean energy future by Environment Texas. Rachel Stone, clean energy attorney with Environment Texas, joins us to talk about how the city does it through efficiency programs and investments in green energy.

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Craig Steven Wilder has written an uncomfortable book about the history of our most prestigious and oft-thought enlightened institutions of higher learning. "Ebony and Ivy:  Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of America's Universities" tells us from Yale to Harvard to Brown, the Ivy League often was funded through and built by the institution of slavery.

Wilder, the chair of the history department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, began investigating the issue in 2006 when Brown University commissioned a study of its founding Brown Family's involvement in the history of American slavery. The study caused a furor and also led to Brown's Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice.

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