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The Source: New Gun Legislation At The State Capitol

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In the first segment:

A pro-gun rally was held this past Saturday outside the statehouse in Austin, complete with a faux Paul Revere, while inside a stack of firearm-related house a bills were debated and voted on.  

From concealed-carry on campus to state officials being barred from enforcing new federal gun laws, we look at some of these bills with leading voices on gun rights, District 25 Senator Donna Campbell, who supported senate versions of several of the bills.  Author of the house bill that would allow concealed carry on campus, Rep. Allen Fletcher, joined us as well.

But what about the professors?  Lynn Tatum a professor at Baylor University and former president of the Texas conference of the American Association of University Professors talked about how Baylor would be opting out if this bill became law and the classroom perspective of the issue.

Is this what the state wants? Are expanded gun rights the way to make our students and communities safer?

In the second segment:


Doctors without Borders provides medical services in the most remote places on Earth, tackling everything from cholera outbreaks to war torn sections of the world.  

Their new documentary, "Access to the Danger Zone" tackles the challenges of delivering aid in conflict zones.  It will be screening for free in San Antonio tonight and tomorrow at the Bijou.

The screenings include a Q&A with Caitlin Meredith, epidemiologist, health writer, and a participating medical professional with multiple deployments all over Africa.  

In the  third segment:


Author and Gemini Ink founder Nan Cuba released her novel "Body and Bread" on Trinity University Press. She joins us in the studio to talk about it.

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