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All Things Taco: Kosher Tacos, Breakfast Tacos & Navajo Tacos

Joey Palacios | Texas Public Radio
A bacon, egg, potato, and cheese taco.

​This week's Fronteras is a rebroadcast of one of our most popular programs.  It originally aired in August of 2013.  Can you say tacos?

Remember those hard-shelled, spicy ground beef tacos that populated American kitchens a few decades ago? That's not the taco of today. Today it's grilled fish, kosher beef, Korean barbeque and fried eggs. We’re talking all things taco: From the evolution of the taco and how breakfast tacos are a morning staple close to the heart in South Texas, to Kosher tacos and tacos in the Navajo Nation.

The Evolution Of The Taco

Consider the taco: A corn or flour tortilla filled with something tasty. It’s a simple concept but the possibilities are infinite. David Martin Davies reports in the first part of the Fronteras series, Making The Taco Our Own. We explore how this culinary import has been adopted and adapted north of the border.

Kosher Tacos Debut On The Border

The southwest border is a place where people and cultures collide and inevitably blend into one another. For El Paso artist Peter Svarzbein it's the perfect setting to introduce a food experiment that complements his latest project.

He combined his experience as a Jew growing up on Mexico's doorstep to create a new twist on an iconic dish. In this next story in our series on the American taco, Fronteras reporter Mónica Ortiz Uribe reports on the Kosher taco.

Breakfast Tacos: A Morning Staple Close To The Heart

In South Texas, the breakfast taco is a morning staple. Filled with eggs, bacon, and beans, the breakfast taco is San Antonio's egg McMuffin, breakfast on the run for a city proud of its Latino heritage. From our Fronteras Desk, reporter Joey Palacios takes us to a family owned Tex-Mex restaurant he’s been eating at since he was a toddler.

Texas Taco War: SA vs. ATX

Credit Laurel Morales
A Navajo taco.

Speaking of the breakfast taco, you may have caught wind that two Texas cities claim to have the best breakfast tacos around. San Antonio and Austin battled for the title in a Twitter taco war following taco talk on the NPR program "The Takeaway" this week.

Texas Public Radio’s Ryan Loyd, a San Antonio native and former Austin resident, got some reaction from folks in the Alamo City.

Navajo Taco Adapted As The People Did

On the Navajo Nation, tacos lose the tortilla and take on fry bread. This summer, a group of teenagers visited a Navajo farm to learn the art of Navajo tacos.  Anne Hoffman brings us this story from Window Rock, Arizona.

Crystal Chavez was Texas Public Radio’s Morning Edition host for three years, until January 2015.