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Conservative David Frum On 'Restoring American Democracy' After Trump

Jun 1, 2020

In his latest book David Frum asks: Where will the U.S. stand post-Trump, and what can be done to reconcile the American people and prevent further fracturing of our democracy?

Frum, a prominent former neoconservative voice in American politics, questions choices and changes within the Republican Party that paved the way for Donald Trump’s tribal appeal and rise to the Oval Office. In the 21st century, he argues, the conservative movement "delivered much more harm than good."

What is the path forward? What should be done to return the U.S. to a place of global respect and leadership? Frum proposes a series of small reforms to governmental structure and bold policy trades, such as an exchange of tighter immigration rules for a comprehensive health care system or climate legislation.

What are the critical fault lines in American society and government? Are the country's deep ideological fractures reconcilable or has tribalism pushed different political factions past the point of return?

How does the coronavirus pandemic factor into Frum's proposed reforms and trade-offs? What concessions need to be made by both sides, in his opinion, to make America "a more perfect union" moving forward?

Guest: David Frum, staff writer at The Atlantic and author of "Trumpocalypse: Restoring American Democracy" 

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*This interview was recorded on Tuesday, June 2.

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